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Our Mission

The University of Georgia Center for Brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence strives to discover fundamental principles in both brain science and artificial intelligence (AI), and to create new biological, physical and computational models that bridge the significant gaps between brain science and AI.

1) Advance the fundamental understanding of neural networks, both in biological and in artificial systems, and build upon these advances to coevolve biological neural networks (BNN) and artificial neural networks (ANN)

2) Explore and create fundamentally new representations of structural and functional human brain architectures, through which the human brain’s neural and cognitive systems can be holistically embedded and their interactions and responses to external stimuli can be effectively modeled

3) Explore and summarize models, abstractions, and common frameworks by using the brain as an already highly optimized BNN to guide and inform the design of next-generation AI systems such as ANN in deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and robotics